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Radio Norwich Kids Charity Trust

We all know how difficult it is to access services these day (thanks Teresa May…………*cross face*), and how exhausting it is to fight constantly for help for your children.  It’s a lonely and hellish place to be.

So, I thought I’d offer a ray of sunshine!

The Charity

Earlier this year I got told about this fabulous charity, Radio Norwich Kids Trust. This is a charity set up to help children access funding to help with their day to day needs.  It could be a specialist pushchair, play therapy, speech therapy – anything that makes your child’s life a bit easier.

I applied at the beginning of the year for my oldest son Monty. He was discharged from the NHS Speech therapy service years ago, and haven’t even tried to get him assistance from East Coast Therapy (the service which took over the contract a few years ago…………in my opinion is totally unworkable………..!!).

How to Apply

I filled in the application and sent supporting evidence and was award £500 to go towards Speech Therapy sessions.  He is having them at the moment and its been brilliant!

So, people, if you live in Norfolk, PLEASE give this ago.  The application is very simple to fill in and you may just get some assistance for your child. Here are my top tips for filling in the form:

  • When filling in the section of how much you need and what it will be used for, overestimate rather than under estimate. If you have found speech therapy services, for example that are between £50-£90 per hour, put down the higher figure.
  • In in the paragraph where you must explain how the money will benefit your child, be concise. Outline what difference it would make to their day to day life, as well as the long term. Mention the difficulties they face, and how this funding would help improve the situation
  • Ensure you have supporting evidence. However, this must be emailed by a Healthcare Professional from their email address. This could be a SENCO, a Speech Therapist, Social Worker – anyone who is involved professionally with your child.
  • Make sure they support your sentiments about how the funding will improve their daily life. When requesting the supporting statement, be clear about what you want them to say – to ensure it supports what you have said in your application.
  • Give the Health Care Professional the email address to send it to – they must send it directly to the charity themselves.
  • You can also apply on behalf of an organisation – you will see two applications on the screen, one for applying for an individual, the other an organisation.

So below is the link to the to the application form.  It’s a simple one.  If you are being considered, they may ring you for more information.  You won’t get a final decision until December however.

Please be quick! They are only taking applications from November 6th – November 12th.

Give it a go! Please let me know how you get on!!