My Blog – Thanks For Supporting It Guys!!

I only started this blog 6 weeks ago after many many months of wondering if I should do so.  So its really very new, but so far, people have been wonderful about it! Many of you said you enjoy reading my musings and I’m really grateful people have took the time to learn about my parenting journey.

So thank you, you lovely lot!!

Imagine my delight when I was featured in the Top 10 Blogs to look out for in November, on the TOTS 100 website. For a blog that only started in November, I was really chuffed that the Editor read it and liked it enough to give it a mention!

Click here to see others that were featured.

I am really enjoying writing this blog, so I’m so glad I took the plunge! I want to continue to enjoy it and if I can help and support people at the same time, my work is done!

Read my first ever blog post here.

I’m off to stress about Christmas and the ever growing list of things I need to do……….

See you later y’all!!!!!!!