Things I Don’t Understand #2

I’m all riled up.  Like really, really riled up!! My poor parents were subject to my ranting and raving this afternoon. Bless them.

You see, I want to cut down on our household plastic consumption. I feel we need to do our bit and be a bit more conscious about being so wasteful.

So I ordered some paper sandwich bags for lunch boxes as cling film isn’t exactly fulfilling this mission. We were using it every day, sometimes more and I began to feel bad. Monty won’t eat the free school meal offering, which is a pain in the rear. I tried him for a week whilst in Reception and was soon informed he ‘stored’ bits of food in his cheeks and refused to swallow it. All afternoon. Like a hamster………….

So the aforementioned ‘bags’ arrive………….yes you’ve guessed it…..wrapped in pointless plastic. Lots of it too. FFS…………*shakes head in despair*

Need I say more………….as you were…………

Happy Friday!!!!!


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  1. I completely get you. I am all for saving the planet for our children.

    Today we went to KFC, OK not good meat eater but that’s our choice.

    My son is very specific with his order. He likes a plain fillet burger. And absolutely do not give him the yoghurt as it gets binned when we get home. I understand they can’t have it showing on their stock at KFC as Management will ask why have you sold x of kids meals and have this many yoghurt in stock. Are you fiddling etc.

    But I tell them, please don’t give it. It goes in the bin and I seriously hate food wastage.

    So we get home and the kids meal came it’s own box. Like a good mum I broke it down and recycled it. But I stood there thinking what a waste. He doesn’t do any of the games on the box and it gets recycled. Why not just give us the food in a paper bag?

    In fact I think I will fire off an email to KFC about this

    Happy Friday and hope you have a great weekend.

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