Marcus Potter – Lets Help This Guy!! *Edited*

**********I LOVE the face that I have to come in and edit this post!!!****************

Marcus has been freed and I’m so thrilled!!!! Thanks to all that have supported the campaign!

Lets hope lessons have been learned!!

I’m reaching out to my lovely readers as I know you will care about this as much as I do.

A local story came to light a few weeks back and I feel the need to share it. Marcus Potter who has autism, as well as other health conditions is being held in Norwich prison. His fascination with the police has got him into trouble with the law.

Apparently his obsession is seen as a nuisance and raises concerns for public safety. Clearly there is no awareness about Autism in this case, and I’m outraged that authorities feel chucking this vulnerable adult in prison will help his situation. It seems his complex needs have not been taken into consideration. How the hell is jail going to help his situation?

Marcus needs a comprehensive support plan, not a jail sentence. Unfortunately, this case is indicative of how local authorities are so ignorant about the needs of autistic people.

So please read the full story here – and sign the petition…….pretty please!!!!?????

Thanks so much – lets do this!!!!


    1. Hi Rachel – it should be on the blog post. Where it says ‘read the full story here’ – just click on the ‘here’. Thank you for your support x

      1. Hi Suzie, i have just read Rachel’s post and realized that the LINK to the Petition page is missing… I have sent to Rachel the link and will paste here so you can add by the poster. Thank you sooo much for the great job you done with the post. Best wishes,
        t–EP4B9K9TbGUmWy-47_DSLnMw2HuMYlfft1isZsXYLaeVepflaq0mrWdLr_1FeOid3dxJv_9UViVU-BKCqxR7-ONtD95TTdi3C2C_bX-7OjR0xPaY9mae-JdHO6ZtAwt72gwhe .

        1. Hi Ana!! The link is there!! Its just not the full link as above but I’ve inserted the link into the word ‘here’, so when you click on that, it takes you to the petition. I hope that helps.

  1. Marcus Potter is a hero. He is helping protect the public from a corrupt and dangerous criminal justice system. He is not causing public safety problems; rather it is the Police that are putting the public in danger. Marcus documents these incidents so that the public are warned about this danger, and so that some citizens activists can try to resolve these dangerous Police behaviors. Rather than criticize Marcus for being autistic I believe the “problem” is that he is enlightened. Most citizens are brain washed from a young age by their own parents and school teachers into thinking the system is fair, righteous, legitimate. It takes many bad experiences before the average citizen can be deprogrammed. Even after years of bad experiences with the Police and courts I still found myself looking to them for validation. It took decades for me to be fully deprogrammed and to recognize the corruption of the criminal justice system. That system is afraid of Marcus because he is educating the public about the true nature of the system. Governments have always resorted to brutality when the people no longer believe their hype.

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